Two Barns Converted Into Beautiful Minimalist House

This Swedish barn home conversion was created from two converted barns in Osterlen, Sweden. Owner Jonathan Andersson hired a team of carpenters to help him transform the run-down cabin building, which is located in the hilly landscape of Tunby. The cabin building dates back to 1910 and was converted into a contemporary four-bedroom home design with pared-back interiors. The barn home conversion has a vaulted living space and kitchen that sits at the heart of the L-shaped property. This barn home conversion is currently listed on the market. The barn home conversion features soaring 22 feet high ceilings crossed with rustic beams. These beams inject some texture and natural colour into the otherwise white living space with its crisp plastered walls and its poured concrete floors. The barn home conversion has glass doors that lead off the bespoke kitchen onto a wooden deck area and pool, with views of the surrounding countryside. The 4,200 square foot barn home conversion is set over two levels, with black-framed windows that offer a peek of the surrounding fields. Anderssons also added some clerestory windows and skylights to the cabin buildings facade and roof to help give some extra light into the large living spaces. There is an angular concrete staircase that leads from the living room up to one of the bedrooms, with three more that are tucked into the other wing of the property. You will want to take a look at this stunning barn home conversion and see for yourself.

When it comes to Swedish home design, there are a few design concepts that will help to achieve the look you are going for. Floors. Wall to wall carpets was never a home design trend that took off in Sweden, and Scandinavian interiors often go for a wooden, preferably light, floor in all of the rooms apart from the bathrooms. Color. White walls, cool greys and blue textiles are what give off the right look for a truly Scandinavian interior and home design. Materials. Wood used throughout the Scandinavian home design. In Swedish home design, you want to incorporate wood cladding on the walls and even the ceilings to help add texture and warmth. You can also use a grey oil to help take the yellow away from woods like pine or oak. Furniture. There are such incredible Swedish furniture pieces from several manufacturers.

Be eco-friendly. Swedish design has been very quick to add in eco-friendly aspects to their home design. With details such as triple-glazing, proper insulation for both the walls and roofs, ground source heat pumps, all of which are fairly standard in Swedish new home designs. You want to scale back on too many accessories. Any Scandinavian designer would shudder at the sight of too much clutter in one of their home designs. Add an outside or inside room. In Swedish home design, there is often a connection with the outdoors so that you will find a balcony or a terrace in even the smallest of apartments. These home designs usually have a deck for grilling and entertaining outdoors during the late evenings of the summer. Gray walls. The black-and-white aesthetic of Swedish home design has been done in every corner of Scandinavia and is a popular feature you will find in everything from barn home conversions to cabin buildings and everything in between. Gray walls help to provide the same neutral, monochromatic appeal.

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