The 11 Best Tiny Houses You Can Buy On Amazon

Tiny houses are becoming so popular, and not just tiny houses on wheels either. People are realizing that they don't really need a huge house to lead a happy life, so they are downsizing into smaller homes. While there are some great tiny houses for sale, they might need a bit of fixing up which many people don't really want to do. That's understandable, many of the older tiny house designs out there are in need of a lot of work and could cost a fortune to repair and update. That's why it's awesome that you can find a lot of different tiny house designs for sale online through Even if you're not going to buy a tiny house online, you can also use these home designs as inspiration for your own tiny house design. There are tons of tiny home building companies out there too that will design and build your own tiny house for you too if you wish. But if you're willing to do some of the building yourself, you can easily find prefab tiny house packages that you can assemble yourself. All of the parts and pieces in these kits will be included, and they are all labelled and ready for assembly. It might seem kind of funny to order a home on the internet, but if it's possible, then why not?

Goods Home Design has featured a bunch of their favourite tiny house designs that are perfect for small house living, for a recreational cabin or to use as guest housing or a rental. Each of these designs are very cute and practical for small house living. Some of them will be larger than others so they can work for different sizes of families. These tiny houses are probably best for a couple or a single person though. The first home is called the Arlanda Garden House which is only 180 square feet in total but could make a great guest house on a property. This unit only costs $6,995 which includes the shipping to your property. It could also be used as an office building or a studio to create the artist's studio you've always wanted. Then there's the Allwood Bella tiny house which looks like a lovely log cabin. This one would be a great little cabin out in nature to use recreationally or to live in full-time in the right circumstance. The Bella is made from high-quality Nordic wood and has 324 square feet. You'll want to check into the building regulations and codes in your area to make sure that it's legal to build the type of tiny house design you want to build. Many places only allow buildings that are 400 square feet for full-time dwellings. So anything under 400 square feet would only be able to be used as a part-time dwelling.

There's another great tiny house design called the Allwood Ranger which has 259 square feet on the main floor and a large 168 square foot loft that would make a nice little bedroom. This tiny house design would be a total of 427 square feet which would make it legal to live in as a full-time home. One of the more popular designs is the Sunray Cabin that features a lot of windows to let the sunshine in. There is even a cute Timber Frame Cabin and a Timberline Cabin which is the largest of all the models from the Allwood kit cabin line, and there are multiple options to choose from too. Check out all of the designs and see which one you would most like to use for small house living.***

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