Milk Doesn't Do Your Body Good

For years and years, the dairy industry has been telling Americans that milk does the body good. But how good is it for us? Abby Martin from Breaking The Set on YouTube shares some fascinating information with us on milk and how it might be a food product you want to reconsider consuming. It's very easy to find some sort of message on TV and in magazines that promote drinking milk because it's supposed to be good for our bones and teeth. They have an appealing glass of milk and show healthy looking people drinking it, and they tell us that it will prevent osteoporosis. People have also become convinced that they need to have a glass of milk with every meal and that dairy should be a part of their daily diet. Although recently, more information is coming out that shows milk is actually more harmful to our health and wellbeing than people know. If you're interested in healthy living, it's quite possible that after finding out about the truth about milk that you'll cut it out of your diet completely. There are also plenty of tips for healthy living that don't involve milk and plenty of milk substitutes out there you can have instead.

A while back, people began getting concerned with there being radiation in milk from the Fukushima meltdown. While no dose of radiation can be deemed safe, the government said otherwise telling people that small doses of it wouldn't be harmful. One of the most dangerous elements that was released from the Fukushima meltdown was Iodine 131 which is different from the regular Iodine that we all need for our health and wellbeing. Iodine is needed for a healthy thyroid and milk is a good source of Iodine, but when the Iodine is contaminated the Iodine 131 builds up in the thyroid gland causing imbalances and even diseases. Even though that's enough to make most people want to slow down or stop their milk consumption altogether, there are even more reasons why milk isn't good for us. In the first place, it's strange that humans are the only species that still drinks milk into adulthood. It's even stranger that we are the only mammal that drinks milk from an entirely different species than our own. Beyond that, it's also been shown that most people can't even digest milk properly and that as many as 33% of Americans are lactose intolerant.

Only 13% of people in the US don't consume milk so that means that there are a lot of people out there that drink milk even though they are intolerant to it and can't digest it properly. Also, back in the 70s, one cow could produce up to 9,700 pounds of milk. Fast forward to today, and one cow produces 19,000 pounds of milk. This is because of all of the growth hormones that they are given. When we drink milk, we ingest these hormones along with antibiotics the cows are given to keep them from getting sick. These hormones have been linked to early puberty in girls and to prostate cancer in men. Plus, it has a lot of fat in each serving, in fact, one glass of milk contains the same amount of saturated fat as a box of fries or as many calories as a whole bottle of soda. So now, the dairy industry is trying to get a new lower fat option for people that will include aspartame which is also very harmful to our health and wellbeing. So now it's up to us as individuals to question whether or not milk is really necessary in our lives if we want to promote healthy living.***

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