I Am Pretty Sure You Will Love This Beautiful House 12.20 A Modern Bachelor Pad, Take A Look!

This unique small house plan is a beautiful modern bachelor pad in Brazil. House 12.20 was design by Brazilian architect Alex Nogueira and is small given that it is built on a fairly large lot. The unique small house plan presents a closed-off appearance to the street, with windows that are hidden behind metal louvers and a privacy wall. When you enter the compact tiny house design, you'll find that the house is almost completely open on the opposite side. There are floor-to-ceiling glass doors that slide to one side, leaving no barrier between the tiny house design and the backyard garden. Moving further into the living area of the house reveals that the interior is also open from the entry through to the bedroom. The 484 square foot tiny house design has a studio floor plan that is arranged in a U-shape around the bathroom, which is the only enclosed room. Having the sleeping area open to the living room is a floor plan that works fine for a single person, but if privacy is an issue, then you could add sliding doors for more separation while you can still have the option to open up the rooms.

House 12.20 is a modern bachelor pad design located in Brazil. The unique small house plan has a 484 square foot studio plan, although the bedroom area could easily be closed off. There is a floating breakfast bar that is around the kitchen area. It appears to cut off the natural circulation path that is through the center of the tiny house design, as well as being redundant with the adjacent built-in dining table. You could probably get rid of both eating spots, depending on your needs. Replacing these eating spots with a stand-alone dining table near the glass wall would free up quite a bit of the space in the living room area. Besides the difference between the closed and the open facades, the architect created other unexpected contrasts that are within the unique small house plan. One end of the tiny house design is cantilevered over the foundation, which gives the space a floating appearance, while the other end of the small house design is anchored by a heavy masonry wall. The rough surface of the masonry this tiny house design is exposed on the interior, which contrasts with the glossy white floor. The horizontal lines of the tiny house design are balanced by what appears to be the tall chimney for an outdoor fireplace. This tiny house design is sure to change the way you look at small house living.

When it comes to small house living, there are a few tips and tricks that will go a long way into making your space work for you. It all comes down to having enough places to store all your stuff. Of course, if moving into a tiny house design you'll have to get rid of some of your stuff, but with that said you'll still need places to store your items. Floor storage is space that is worth its weight in gold. So if you have enough room in the loft to build in a shallow floor for storage, or anywhere else in the tiny house design you dont want to fill up with insulation, it's a great idea. Lounge storage is another popular trick for small house living. Every tiny house design needs a place to relax, socialize or read a book. So if you have a couch or other seating, then turn it into a storage space.

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