80 acres for $8,500? Absolutely!

In this video, you can find out how one person bought their piece of property, and some of the tricks and tips you can use. This property owner has two forty acre pieces of property, so he knows a thing or two about buying and owning property. His two properties are beside one another, with his house on the center of the two properties. He bought the first 40-acre property for $12,000 which was a good deal at the time. A few years later the second property that adjoins the first property, came up for sale, and it was being sold for $17,500. So now with two property's the first thing this property owner did was to contact a logger, because there were a lot of trees on the properties that needed to be thinned out. The logger came in and cut down all the Poplar trees. So the loggers came in and cut down the old Poplar trees, without causing a whole lot of damage to the properties. All of the maple trees, oaks, pines, were left behind on the piece of land.

Just from cutting down all of the old Poplar trees, the property owner was able to make $20,000. Poplar trees are a bit of an invasive species of tree, as they multiply quite quickly and are difficult to get rid of. In the mean time, the property owner made sure that there was plenty of undergrowth, and with the wood that was left behind, he got the loggers to pile it up around the property. The nice thing about thinning out the trees and leaving behind the maple, oak and pine trees, is that those trees can grow that much better as they have more room and sunlight to flourish. Another good thing about selling the poplar trees is that on the second property the owner ended up being able to pay for the property and making some additional money. The property sounds quite nice, with highlands and lowlands, along with wild blueberries, strawberries and deer everywhere. And of course lots of privacy, it sounds like the perfect place to dream of an off-grid life, wood cabin or off-grid house.

In the video, you get the chance to see the home that the land owner built. He offers advice for anyone who is considering purchasing property for an off-grid life, wood cabin, or off-grid house. To help find land that is relatively inexpensive, he suggests looking at the site unitedcountry.com. The site lets you look at the different regions in the country, different state, and you can also specify both the price and type of property you are looking for. This site is a great place to start if you are considering an off-grid life, wood cabin or off-grid house. You might be looking to buy a piece of property without a house, or one with a house or barn already on it. These are some of the different things you will want to consider when looking for a piece of land. Whether you are looking for a small piece of land or a larger piece of property, there are a variety of options available all over the country. This property owner has turkey's, chickens, a tractor and a dog, so he likes the privacy that is offered with such a large piece of property. A property that is away from the city is free of city lights. In a rural property you also don't have pollution or city noise.

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