$4,500 Off-Grid (Unplugged) Trailer & Land & Improvements

This $4,500 off-grid property shows just how much you can do with a small amount of money. If you're considering building a house off the grid, this video from Desert Horizons on YouTube is a great video to watch to get some practical information on off grid life and inspiration for going off grid yourself. In the video, you'll see the property with everything on it as well as a list of everything they have paid for to have on their property so far. This includes the price of the land as well as their trailer and solar power with charge controller and batteries. This shows people that going off grid and living an off grid life style can be done fairly easily as long as you take your time to find the deals. You can also watch some of the other videos from Desert Horizon that shows them piecing everything together to create what you see in this particular video. The property they bought is down in Arizona which is a beautiful place to live or have a vacation home. They bought a 1.3-acre piece of land for only $1,000 which is an amazing price. He kept looking on Craigslist to find an affordable piece of land and found this piece of land for sale by a guy who was going to Thailand and didn't want the property anymore.

The owners are eventually going to put a cabin on the property, but so far they just have put a nice trailer on it that is 32 feet by 8 feet and cost them only $800 to buy used. It cost them $500 to have the trailer brought out to their piece of land too. Since the property is out in Arizona, it gets constant sunlight, so they got some solar panels for only $180 with 2 Batteries for $100 as well as a 750-watt inverter for only $75 and a 2,000-watt generator $150. They built an awning for their trailer as well to give it some shade and to provide a protected area to sit outside. The materials including metal and lumber cost $500. They also installed a composting toilet for $45 which is essential when you're building a house off the grid. For those colder nights, they use a Mr Heater Buddy that cost $70, and they also got a propane tank and hose for $65. To beat the Arizona heat they also needed a good air conditioner, so they got a 6000 BTU air conditioner for $200. To furnish the trailer they got a couple of recliners and shelving units for $280 and some carpeting for $170. They built a bed and got a mattress for $150. They also have two 12 volt coolers that cost them $100 and a fire pit for $100. With everything included the entire off grid project only cost around $4,900.

They've even been able to find some quartz and gold on their land which is pretty amazing, and they also have tons of prickly pear cactus which is edible and will continue to grow back even after it's picked. He created a driveway by pulling out a bunch of the prickly pear cactuses that were in the way. He had asked someone to come and give him an estimate for how much it would cost to do the work, and he quoted him around $1,200, so they just did it themselves to save money. If you're looking for your own piece of land, it sure pays to be patient and keep looking for the right piece of property at the perfect price.***

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